Alexswill Bonsmara Stud

The name Bonsmara is derived from the name of the South African scientist, Professor Jan Bonsma who developed the breed at Mara research station. The Bonsmara has its origin in scientific crossbreeding, based on traits of economic importance. Strict adherence to minimum breed standards based on functional efficiency and compulsory participation in a Performance Testing Scheme (man must measure!) for all animals has ensured that the Bonsmara is one of the most efficient producers of good quality beef off natural veld as well as feedlots.


The Mulders family (the late Hugo and his son Graham Mulders) from Kalomo imported the first pedigree Bonsmaras into Zambia from South Africa in 1994. The first bloodlines were purchased from Johan Breugem (JH) and subsequently from Derek and Shirley Ivy (IVY), both situated in the Northern Province of SA. As the breed was new to Zambia, it took time for farmers to become familiar with the Bonsmara. Through exhibits at the National Agricultural Show in Lusaka the breed became better known and it is now a popular choice for beef farmers.

Alexswill Bonsmara Stud was registered in 1994 and has been producing well adapted Bonsmara bulls for 21 years now. We organize an annual production sale; please send us an email if you wish to be notified of the date of the next sale.

Our aim is to produce well adapted, fertile, medium framed bulls and females that can make a positive contribution to Beef cattle in Zambia. Graham Mulders: “My advice to farmers is: Cattle farming is a long term investment; to reach your goals Passion, Patience and Persistence are the requirements for success”

A Bonsmara bull is:

  • Registered with SA Studbook
  • Performance tested by ARC
  • Approved by Bonsmara Inspectors
  • Branded with a ‘B’ on the right shoulder

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